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With January in full swing, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and manifest health, happiness and good wishes for you all throughout 2021.  

We never anticipated the pandemic to be still ongoing in to 2021, but unfortunately here we are in our 3rd UK lockdown. Although it might not seem like there is any pandemic positives, I encourage you to really dig deep and take the time to reflect on the opportunities the pandemic has brought to our lives. For some people you may reflect and feel like you haven’t achieved a lot but personally I feel that every single day you manage to get up, out of bed and try to get through the day and cope with the transitions you have faced. That is an achievement alone. A big well done to everyone who is trying their best. I can think of a lot of positives the pandemic has brought, parents have got to spend more time with their children working from home, people have been given more time to sit still and set some goals, some people have taken the plunge and created side hustles or new business ventures to make income, people have given extra time to help and support charities, the list really is endless. Well done to everyone who has managed to become more self-aware and use the pandemic to their advantage we are all cheering you on and wish you all the success you desire! 

I don’t doubt for a second and know personally people have faced challenges, hardships and struggles. From losing loved ones, jobs and financial stability to people being locked in doors and battling with mental health and struggling with loneliness. I do not doubt for a second every single person hasn’t faced their own challenge and sense of discomfort in these uncertain times. I want to encourage you to check on the people you love, friends and family. We all tend to hide what is going on inside with some strong front and a big smile on the outside. We are all human and all crave love, a sense of security which ironically are the things we are lacking due to the pandemic circumstances.  

 It is important now more than ever we keep our loved ones safe and check in regularly with friends and family and offer love and support to one another. It may not be possible face to face with guidelines regularly changing but make sure you pick up the phone. 

 There are many amazing charities out their helping and supporting people from a chat and advice over the phone to distributing food support within local areas. If anyone is in need of help in any shape or form, I have listed contact details below. These people can offer assistance or definitely point you in the right direction. Asking for help is one of the bravest things a person can do. Choose to be brave. 


Food Bank Finder:For any person who finds themselves in financial crisis across England and Wales. 


Confidential Helpline: 08082082138  


Support Access: For any person struggling with mental health across England and Wales. 



Support Access: For any person struggling with mental health across England and Wales. 



Call: 116123 Free of Charge 24/7. 

App: Samaritans Self Help App. 

 Take Care and Here is to a very happy 2021.